Affordable yacht charter in Greece

save money from yacht charter in greeceAffordable yacht chartering in Greece: Is it really possible?

Chartering a yacht in Greece doesn’t necessarily need to be expensive; on the contrary. Today, everyone is trying to cut on costs but find ways to relax and rejuvenate as well; chartering a yacht in Greece is a perfect way to do so, especially if you think that there are some small tips and hints that can help you spend less than staying at a hotel on an island.

Here are some tips for affordable yacht chartering in Greece:

  • Charter a yacht in Greece with friends or family members; if you opt for a sailing or motor yacht with three cabins and share the costs with six people you will save some significant amount of money compared to the expenses of a regular hotel.
  • Always consider small yacht chartering companies as well. Although big companies can offer you great deals, chances are that they are still more expensive than the smaller ones; therefore you should check with boat owners and small charter companies that cut rates and run specials, trying to deal with fewer bookings and the overall weak economy.
  • Check for last minute deals in yacht chartering in Greece. Although most people do not travel on short notice, however, those who do, can find some good and affordable charters. Sign up for deals or offers with the companies of your interest.
  • Check the charter rates and prices you get; except for the big companies that are pretty straightforward when it comes to quotes and rates, there are private boat owners and small companies which are usually quite flexible when it comes to discounts. In some cases, you can negotiate the price and even ask for any discount, especially if you are a returning customer. In any case, make sure to check what is included in the price and check for extra costs and additional expenses – for instance, when chartering a yacht in Greece, water and fuel is never included in the price, unless otherwise stated.
  • Off-season yacht charter; the high yacht charter season in Greece is from late June to early September, however weather in Greece is favorable for sailing from April to October, especially if you are a savvy sailor or you plan to visit the Ionian Islands. Going slightly off season can help you get better prices and visit the islands and shores when they are less crowded but still pleasantly warm and beautiful.
  • Avoid staying in a hotel prior to boarding on your yacht; most tourists tend to come to the country earlier and stay at hotels before boarding. Most companies allow early boarding, especially when in low  season, so you can spend the night before the actual charter date on the boat. This can save you some money from hotels and restaurants.
    TIP: some companies will charge you with a small fee for early booking, but it’s still less expensive than booking a hotel room.

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