Batis Yachting in Greece

Batis Yachting and Tourism is a yacht charter company based in the island of Lefkas in the Ionian Sea. The company features new and safe sailing boats and motor yachts for sailing vacations in Greece and the Greek Islands. The company started back in 1997 in Athens as a simple yacht charter company and then merged with the tourist management company, moving to Lefkas and the cosmopolitan area of Nidri.

Batis Yacht Charter in Greece

Batis Yachting and Tourism is both a yacht charter company and tourist office with bases in all the important islands in Greece, such as Kos, Skiathos, Samos, Corfu and Athens. It offers bareboat yacht charters, crewed charters and 1-3 day cruises to the Greek Islands.

The yacht charter company offers to all charterers a manual for proper sailing,  with all the  simple  information needed for a safe and pleasant sailing in the Greek Islands. The company also provides  information about the islands, the sites of interest and the necessary techniques, for smooth and safe sailing.

If you want to read more about the motor yachts, sailing yachts and the offers of the Batis Yachting and Tourism Yacht Charter in Greece, you can check the corporate website at