Beneteau Yachts in Greece

Beneteau yachts are very popular in Greece, among people who like sailing in the Aegean or the Ionian Sea.

Beneteau sailing yachts logoBeneteau is one of the most important European manufacturers of sailing yachts and motor yachts. It has been designing and building yachts and boats since 1884.

130 years later, the renowned boatyard continues to build on its reputation, with a dedication to excellent workmanship and a pledge to satisfy the customers and sailors.

The design of Beneteau yachts is the result of an extremely successful collaboration since the Beneteau team consists of twenty experts who develop, adapt, correct and control, in order to deliver high quality and durable boats.

Today, Beneteau offers numerous  different ranges and models for all the savvy or beginners who dream of the life afloat, whether on a sail or motor boat.

If you decide to charter a yacht in Greece, Beneteau is one of your main options if you wish to sail in Greece with safety and convenience.

Advantages of Beneteau yachts for sailing in Greece

The sleek design of the Beneteau Yachts, the good water and oil capacity and their sailing capabilities ensure convenient, comfortable and enjoyable vacationing and sailing in Greece. Especially when it comes to certain models, such as the Oceanis 37, tourists and sailors suggest it as an excellent choice of yacht for charter in Greece.

Many experienced sailors charter Beneteau yachts in Greece, especially when sailing in more demanding and windy areas, such as the Dodecanese islands or the Central Aegean, because they are sturdy and reliable. The Beneteau sail yachts are known for their quality architecture and their uncompromising safety. Many yacht charter companies in Greece will also suggest their Beneteau yachts, encouraging sailors to charter them, because they are affordable and user friendly.

Popular Beneteau sailing yachts in Greece

Oceanis: This is the new and very elegant generation of cruising yachts. In Greece you will find in the yacht charter companies the Océanis 323, Océanis 343, Océanis 37, Océanis 40, Océanis 43, Océanis 46, Océanis 50, Océanis 523, BENETEAU 57.

First: This range of cruiser and sail racers puts performance and sailing pleasure first. First 21.7 S FIRST 25.7 S FIRST 27.7 S FIRST 31.7 FIRST 34.7 FIRST 36.7 FIRST 40.7 FIRST 44.7 FIRST 50

Cyclades:Can you think of a better name for sailing in Greece? These bluewater cruising yachts are just perfect for fun and holidays. You will find the models CYCLADES 39 CLYCLADES 43 CYCLADES 50.

Beneteau also offers the so called one-design boats, such as the Figaro Sailing yacht, that gives always a presence in top races and sailing schools.

beneteau sailing yacht

The Beneteau powerboat range you can find in yacht charter companies in Greece

Powerboat: SWIFT Trawler Cruising with every comfort. TRAWLER 42 TRAWLER 52

Antares: sport boats with and without fly-bridge for a huge range of activities, from fishing to day trips and coastal cruises. Used in many Greek islands, ideal for island hopping.

Pflyer: boats with outboard power and fast, safe hull profiles for all kinds of fun, from fishing to high-speed excitement, water sports like wakeboarding and water skiing, day trips and short coastal cruises.

Monte Carlo : A new range of fast open and hardtop sport motorboats with a very Mediterranean character, ideal for yacht chartering in Greece.
Montecarlo 37 Open, Montecarlo 37 Hardtop, Montecarlo 32 Hardtop.

Many people who wish to own their sailing yacht or motor boat also opt for a model of the Beneteau family, since the French manufacturer is among the most reliable and dependable yacht manufacturers in the world, creating boats that are efficient and comfortable, ensuring easy sailing in Greece.