Travel insurance for yacht charter in Greece

For a fraction of your overall charter cost, you can obtain Greece Yacht Charter Travel Insurance to cover nearly everything from a medical emergency to an act of God.

When planning a vacation, especially a yacht charter, no one wants to dwell on “what ifs.

Travel insurance for yacht charter vacations in Greece

After all, you’re taking a well-deserved break from the hustle and bustle of your working life. You might even be escaping a bitter cold winter to lounge in the Greek sun. But sometimes the best laid plans get interrupted.

A family emergency, an unexpectedly severe storm—things like this can make a good trip go very bad and become very costly very quickly, even before you leave home.

That’s why charter brokers are increasingly educating charterers about travel insurance.

Some charter brokers have insurance licenses and can sell you a policy from a major agency. Others refer clients to travel-insurance firms.

Either way, for your ease, travel insurance companies often offer bundled services. Most provide for trip cancellation and interruption, medical expenses and transportation, lost or stolen baggage coverage, and 24-hour travel-assistance services (re-booking tickets or replacing a lost or stolen passport, for example).

The differences lie in the limits, as well as whether they’re booked for a single trip or for annual coverage.

Insurance for cancellation of yacht charter

But the number-one reason why travel insurance is recommended —and obtained— is to protect against trip cancellation. It is not uncommon for illness or a sudden death in the family to lead to a cancellation. Insurance can reimburse you for the charter cost; otherwise, you’re sunk.

You could be liable for the entire cost of the charter  if the yacht can’t be re-booked for the dates you had planned to cruise aboard

Insurance agents point to weather being another common cancellation cause. Snowstorms have wreaked havoc with charterers heading off on Greek Charter cruises. Even if your departure is delayed just a day or two, you can get reimbursed on a pro-rated basis.

While medical emergencies during a charter are thankfully rare, , it’s worth requesting coverage if for no other reason than peace of mind.  Without insurance, medical costs can range from $20,000 to $100,000 when traveling to Greece for vacations during summer.

If you’ve ever been injured on vacation, you may know the unease associated with treatment at an unfamiliar hospital—so imagine being in a foreign country and more importantly in the sea.

Yacht charter insurance costs in Greece

So what’s it all cost? The rule of thumb is six to eight percent of the trip cost, plus factors related to the ages of the travelers and the coverage limits.

There are also single-trip policies and annual policies. But for a $20,000 charter with four people ages 40 to 55, Platinum insurance coverage  would cost $375 each. The same coverage on a $200,000 yacht charter with 10 people in the same age range would cost about$1,900 apiece.

Bottom line: Why gamble? For spending a relatively small amount, everything is covered. Better to have someone working on your behalf than trying to tackle the problems yourself.

Greece yacht charter travel insurance can make the difference when needed.

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