Lakki Marina in Leros Dodecanese

Lakki Marina in Leros or Leros Marina as it is often referred to was established in 1989, when the rocky land overlooking the beautiful Lakki harbor was acquired. Lakki was used by the Italians as a naval station and aeronautics base for the whole of the Eastern Mediterranean during the Italian possession of the Dodecanese Islands from 1913 to 1943. The area that was selected is found in the north-eastern part and at the right end of Lakki Bay, -37° 12′ north and 26° 51′ east –, at the precise point where the Italians moored their hydroplanes.

The History of Leros Marina

In 1912 Italian forces occupied the Dodecanese Islands , and selected Leros and especially the Lakki and Partheni natural harbours as an ideal location to base their naval stations, which were the largest in the eastern part of Mediterranean until 1943, the remains of which have survived in the region. Boats arriving at Lakki Marina can now enjoy the beauties of the sea and the environment of the Island of Leros and surrounding areas.

Facilities and Amenities in Lakki Marina in Leros

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The private – fenced area of 45.000 m2, is divided in a modernly accommodated marina with up to 220 berths, 5 floating pontoons equipped with mooring lines, electricity and water and a fully equipped boatyard with spaces up to 400 boats.

A 50 m. cliff, provides great shelter from the occasionally fierce local winds, such as Sirocco (SE wind, in Greek “Evros”) and an extensive (500 m . lenght, 20 m. width and 2,70 m. high from sea surface) curved harbor wall, provides complete shelter for the boats afloat.

Lakki Marina in Leros is well organized,  offering many facilities, showers, toilets, laundry & dryer services, and also other services upon request, (contact the customer care department with your requirements).

Lakki Marina capacity is currently approximately 45 craft, with permanent quay side locations, which can entertain boats up to 125 feet and with 5 meters draught.

At the basic level, the berths are supplied with electricity power 220V 16A and 32 A as well as fresh water, while permanent laid mooring lines guarantee the safety of the boats moored.

The boats which approaching Lakki Marina in Leros, are kindly requested to call on Ch. 11 or 72 in order to receive berthing instructions, Lakki Marina’s work boat and skilled personnel will provide all necessary assistance.

After your arrival you can check in at the reception office, the office personnel will be happy to inform you with all details and information concerning your stay.

Helpful, professional personnel are available to help you refuel, and to give advice on good cruising destinations and to assist with any problems.

Basic Services in the Marina

  • Waste oil disposals
  • Fuelling (including gasoline and diesel)
  • Battery disposals
  • Fresh water
  • Electrical connections
  • WC-showers
  • Washing Machines
  • Pilot boat
  • Plastic makers
  • Sail makers
  • Carpenters
  • Woodcrafters
  • Welders (argon included)
  • Antifouling
  • Life rafts inspections
  • High pressure cleaning of the hulls
  • Yacht cleaning services
  • Yacht painting and polishing
  • Yacht interior repairs and deco
  • Underwater inspections
  • Osmosis treatment

Additional Services in the Marina

  • Wireless internet access is available free of charge and fully operational.
  • You may have your coffee, drinks or delicious snacks in the marinas café snack bar “ESCAPE” or either in the town of Lakki which is one step away from the Marina where you will find restaurants, provision stores, supermarkets, and many other shops, and also the Marine Store where you will find many items and supplies.
  • For your entertainment close to the Marina there is a modern cinema also several night bars and a music hall.
  • Rent a yacht, scooter, car and bike
    Yacht brokers, Maritime legal services in case of need. A wide range of exclusive benefits such as transfers, valet services and boat valeting can be offered upon request.

The historical sites of Leros and museums are there for you to visit, life has existed here since 3000 BC, and much action took place throughout the centuries until the end of 2nd world war, for further information or interest please contact the reception.

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