Pelagos Yacht Charter in Greece

Pelagos yacht charter Greece is a  company offering bareboat and crewed yacht chartering in Greece. Its base is located in Athens, but Pelagos has expanded its operations to all major islands in Greece.


Tourists and visitors who want to sail the waters of the Aegean Sea and anchor or berth at some of the most picturesque harbors at the Ionian Islands. Clients have the chance to sail to, Santorini or Paros, in the Cyclades islands, Kos, Rhodes, Symi in the Dodecanese, or Corfu, Lefkas, Paxi in the Ionian Sea, or sail towards the Sporades -Skiathos, Skopelos and Alonissos islands.

Pelagos yacht charter is a company offering a more personalized yachting experience, offering all types of boats and chartering that would meet the needs and demands of clients, such as a crewed motor yacht, a motor sailor, a sailing yacht, a skippered sailboat, or a catamaran, setting sail to the lovely islands of Greece.

As most of the yacht charter companies in Greece, Pelagos also offers yacht brokerage services, offering the chance to potential new yacht owners to choose among new or second hand yachts either for private or professional use.

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