Steps towards a successful yacht charter in Greece

Are you considering sailing vacations in Greece? Here is a guide with a few essential steps for successful yacht charter in Greece.

Where to sail in Greece

yacht charter in GreeceSailing inĀ  Greece – The myriad islands that dot the Greek waters, together with the mainland, sport a coastline of 15000 km. These enchanting shores are much indented, offering shelter in natural harbours and a profusion of ancient history.

Sailing in Turkey – A sailing holiday along the captivating Turkish coast combines the ancient Greek, Carian and Lycian cultures, with the present-day exotic smells of the orient. Pine clad mountains overlook translucent blue bays and marvellous ports. The Turkish cuisine is regarded as one of the best in the world.

Most Greek and Turkish ports can be reach by frequent (domestic) flights and ferries.

When to sail in Greece

Both in Turkey and Greece you can sail all year round. Yet, most sailing is done in the holiday season when sunny weather is almost guaranteed: more on the sailing season, and when to sail…

Especially during the main yacht charter season – July and August – the strong meltemi winds might affect your sailing trip in the Aegean. Also handy are wind roses for Turkey, Croatia and Greece.

Bareboat, flotilla, crewed or gulet charter in Greece

sailing in greeceIf you bring your own yacht there are lots of formalities.

With a yacht charter in mind, a bareboat charter – without hired captain or crew – will give you total privacy and independence, yet besides you as skipper, a second member of your group should be able to sail. With more than 12 persons it is best to rent a second yacht.

If you feel rusty, you can always hire an instructor for just the first day(s); also study the first 5 chapters of my navigation course, the flag etiquette, forecasting by clouds and the Mediterranean mooring & anchoring course.

If you need more guidance a flotilla still offers a lot of privacy, while safely sailing along in a fleet of yachts towards the next port. You will skipper your own yacht, but a flotilla leader will keep a close eye on you. An added bonus for children is the possibility to make friends on the other yachts.

However, if you find a flotilla too restrictive, yet a regular bareboat too much responsibility, you should consider the assisted bareboat charters, the golden mean.

You will get full assistance with a crewed charter. Options are a skipper, hostess, cook as well as an instructor from a RYA or ASA sailing school.

A gulet cruise is perhaps one of the most luxurious crewed charters around.

Type of yacht charter in Greece

Only a small fraction of yachts in the east Mediterranean are motor yachts. Moreover, a lot of these motor yachts and motor sailers come fully crewed. For bareboat chartering you can choose between smaller motor yachts (~10%), catamarans (~10%) and a huge fleet of sailing monohulls: more on choosing your ideal charter yacht.

Finding a reputable yacht charter company in Greece

Many members of the sailing community have shared their charter experiences : Advice on reliable yacht charter companies or reputable gulet companies. It is highly recommended not to attempt last-minutes, since most last minute yacht charters are actually more expensive instead of cheaper. Therefore, best to book your sailing holidays in Greece 2-6 months in advance!

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