Greece Yacht Charter

Greece Yacht Charter website aims at providing you with necessary information on the boats and types of charter yachts you can find in Greece, the yacht charter companies that operate and take action in the Greek Seas and become a useful guide for vacation with a yacht in Greece.

Yacht charter in Greece is widely developed and popular; Greece is by default one of the few countries in the world and probably the only European country that can offer such a variety of sites and sights, of islands, beaches and stunning places to visit by yacht.

Being a naval country and featuring almost 3000 islands and islets, Greece is the ideal place to charter a yacht, sailing or motorboat, and enjoy sailing in the Greek Seas.

Yachting Vacation in Greece

Greek islands are set in complexes, in short distance from each other, facilitating and encouraging island hoping. Yacht charter in Greece can make your vacation time in the Aegean or the Ionian Sea an unforgettable experience, allowing you to be independent, visit pristine and secluded beaches, sea caves and enjoy the true beauties of Greece that have made it worldwide known – sea, sun and islands.

Sailing or chartering in Greece is a sport, both for locals and visitors of the country who are usually amazed by the diversity and beauty of the places they visit.

Yacht charter in Greece makes everyone’s dream come true: sandy white beaches, crystal blue waters and exotic locations on board yachts, sampling the beauty of the infamous Greek Islands and the hospitable Mediterranean Sea.

Greek islands have over 300 harbors along the Aegean Sea and 50 harbors along the Ionian Sea, allowing travelers and visitors to choose their favorite destination. In Greek harbors and marinas you can see luxurious yachts alongside humble fishing boats, but everything blends harmoniously in this country, where sea vessels of all kinds are part of an everyday life.

Types of Yacht Charter in Greece

The Greek islands and coast attract business yacht charter, flotilla yacht charter, luxury motor yacht charters, sailing yachts, charter by owner, cabin cruises and daily cruise charter boats that berth to small harbors and marinas in the islands.

Visitors and tourists on board have the chance to visit historical remnants of temples and fortresses, islands with white washed houses and churches, cobbled streets, port-side stores and cafés and experience in firsthand the mentality and lifestyle of the Greeks and foreigners who fall madly in love with the country and its aura.

Greece is one of the largest yacht charter vacation destinations in the world, featuring a large variety and selection of charter boats. You can choose a bareboat charter or skippered ones, with crew or not. You can charter a sailing or motorboat, a luxury yacht or gullet, catamaran or mono-hauls.

The peak season for charter yacht vacation in Greece is from April to October, although there are locals and experienced sailors from abroad who give into the challenging and charming calls of the Mediterranean Sea even in winter. The climate is sublime and attractive in Greece, thus you can sail among the islands even in November or March. If you are an experienced sailor you can anyway find berths and anchorages in shoulder seasons as well, since the on-shore tourists are fewer and the islands equally nice.

Greece Yacht Charter