Vip Yacht Charter in Greece

Vip Yacht Charter in Greece is a yachting company that operates in Rhodes, Dodecanese, giving its clients the chance to sail the southern part of the Aegean Sea and visit the Greek islands.

The V.I.P yachts allocate many years of experience and knowledge on luxury ships , with high data of tourist hospitality. The marine equipment that allocates the all rented ships of recreation of  its  fleet, are sure and special for each activity that visitors of Greece would want to enjoy.

Vip Yacht Charter in Greece

The V.I.P yachts combine the modern aesthetics with the well-known Greek hospitality which has been the focus in the fleet of rented ships that it allocates. Because of this, apart from the remainder equipment featured in each yacht  for the comfortable stay of  its passengers, there are also videos and DVD players with high technology sound system, as well as air conditioning.

The vacancies with the V.I.P yachts offer a  splendid experience of navigable hotel under innumerable stars. The company’s headquarters are found in  Rhodes but it also has  brand offices in Italy and in Germany.

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