Why charter a yacht in Greece

Why charter a yacht in Greece? For most people, going on vacation abroad is synonymous to package holidays and airplane trips. Today though, there is an increasingly big number of people who prefer to travel independently and in leisure, being adventurous and cool at the same time.

yachts in skiathos island greeceChartering yachts in Greece is a popular and exceptional way to spend your vacation time; Greece is the land of culture and history, the land of mythology, sea and sun. It’s a country offering amazing cruising potentials, with numerous islands like gems on the sparkling blue waters.

Greece is the country that features those stunning whitewashed settlements perched on the top of hills, overlooking the infinite blue – images you have definitely seen in postcards, movies or online. It is full of small but vibrant fishing villages offering mouthwatering dishes, fresh seafood and lovely wine and spirits.

Greece is a country where vacation can have a totally different meaning: the Greek islands offer an unprecedented chance to everyone to combine relaxing in tranquil bays and beaches and participating in wild evenings out. If you decide to charter a yacht in Greece and avoid the typical in-the-hotel all inclusive packages, you will get to know a different part of the country and yourself.

Yacht Charter in Greece and the Greek Islands

Santorini greek islandGreek Islands used to consist only by fishermen and sailors, people attached to the sea; who can understand yachters best? Islanders in Greece are extremely hospitable, generous and helpful with people who decide to spend their vacation time on boats, regardless of luxury yachts or not. For the Greeks, sea is an indispensable part of their life and mentality, thus, whoever decides to join in, becomes one of them.

If you charter a yacht in Greece and head towards small islands with little bays and harbors, you are most likely to meet locals who will help you berth and will suggest you the best places to eat, visit and stay. You will be able to see a different part of the country, which is both elegant and sophisticated, but warmer and more real. You will have the chance to pack your bags with experiences and memories you can never have otherwise.

Apart from meeting new people and the real mentality and lifestyle of the Greeks, chartering a yacht in Greece will give you a superb and absolute sense of freedom and independence:

  • You will be able to visit the places you want, whenever you want – given the weather of course – and mingle with people, or spend more private and intimate vacation time, depending on your needs and preferences.
  • You won’t have to worry about finding a place to sleep, even in peak season, or the hotel prices.
  • If you charter a yacht in Greece you will be able to explore so many different avenues in your own way – how big incentive that is!
  • Sailing in Greece opens you in a complete different world, allowing you to absorb the details of everyday life in Greece; that’s the charm and the challenge when being in this unique country.

In Greece you can charter a yacht whether you are a novice or an experienced sailor; you can choose among bareboat and crewed yacht cruises, choose the island complex you want to explore – experienced sailors can sail in the Dodecanese, or go on motorboat cruises in the Cyclades islands, while novices and people who want to relax can opt for the friendly and calm Ionian Islands.

Versatility and variety are the two main themes that make Greece stand out from other places in the Mediterranean and Europe, while its beauty and endless coastline gives you the ideal ground for exploration and relaxation.

Why charter a yacht in Greece? Because you can enjoy the balmy weather, indulge into swimming in crystal clear waters, find isolated and pristine beaches and enjoy gentle and soothing sun bathing under the Mediterranean Sun.

Companies for Yacht Chartering in Greece

There is a large number of yacht charter companies in Greece; you will be able to find the one that suits your needs and meets your safety requirements the best, at the most affordable prices. There is a vast variety of options, thus you can achieve competitive prices and charter yachts of great quality both in peak or shoulder seasons.

Some people say that chartering a yacht in Greece feels like going to kindergarten; at first everything seems scary – the sea endless and the island too far – but once you step foot in, you don’t want to leave.

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