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Why charter a yacht in Greece

Why charter a yacht in Greece? For most people, going on vacation abroad is synonymous to package holidays and airplane trips. Today though, there is an increasingly big number of people who prefer to travel independently and in leisure, being adventurous and cool at the same time. Chartering yachts in Greece is a popular and […]

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Affordable yacht charter in Greece

Affordable yacht chartering in Greece: Is it really possible? Chartering a yacht in Greece doesn’t necessarily need to be expensive; on the contrary. Today, everyone is trying to cut on costs but find ways to relax and rejuvenate as well; chartering a yacht in Greece is a perfect way to do so, especially if you […]

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Choose the right bareboat or crewed sailing yacht charter

Choosing the right bareboat or crewed sailing yacht charter for your needs is not as easy as it looks, especially if you have never sailed in Greece before. Choosing the right boat is not easy, for a different number of reasons; first of all, you will be chartering a yacht which costs a significant amount […]

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Steps towards a successful yacht charter in Greece

Are you considering sailing vacations in Greece? Here is a guide with a few essential steps for successful yacht charter in Greece. Where to sail in Greece Sailing in  Greece – The myriad islands that dot the Greek waters, together with the mainland, sport a coastline of 15000 km. These enchanting shores are much indented, […]

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Basic Costs of Yacht Charter in Greece

Are you wondering how you can calculate the basic costs of yacht charter in Greece? The price of the yacht charter refers to the weekly rent based on a Saturday to Saturday charter. The yacht charter price depends on the vessel type, year of built as well as the period of sailing (the same yacht […]

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Travel insurance for yacht charter in Greece

For a fraction of your overall charter cost, you can obtain Greece Yacht Charter Travel Insurance to cover nearly everything from a medical emergency to an act of God. When planning a vacation, especially a yacht charter, no one wants to dwell on “what ifs. Travel insurance for yacht charter vacations in Greece After all, […]

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